Brite Maid Services currently has an A+ rating on BBB, and was a Best of Groupon 2018 Merchant. We have been meeting and retaining new clients at better rate than ever before, and have recently partnered with the non-profit Cleaning For Reason to help support and expand their mission in our area. So what's with all the bad reviews? And how does a small business use bad reviews as fuel for getting better reviews?

Our Story.

In the early 2010s, Brite Maid Services was still completely analog. Service appointments were made over the phone, no reminders were sent, and payments were taken if customers were kind enough to leave us a check.
Then everything changed. Brite Maid Services began working with online deal voucher sites in 2013. The goal? Expanding services to new clients and learning more about changing trends in the local demand for cleaning services.
It was a brave decision, and one that catapulted our company into the 21st Century. Serving as a merchant on these sites pushed Brite Maid Services up a steep learning curve. The experience taught us to invest in web 2.0 tools, management training, and customer service.

Changes Made.

Over the past six years, building upon our customers’ valuable feedback, our team has worked hard to provide maximum returns to our clients by standardizing service packages. We also provide customized cleaning packages to both new as well as long-established regular clients.
In response to the surge in demand for our services, we have expanded our routes, restructured our sales channels, and developed new teams in keeping with Brite Maid Services best practices.
We are working hard above all else to prove to our first-time clients that we are worthy of their direct, repeat business.
Brite Maid Staff are continuously being re-trained in aspects of service provision that have fallen short of client expectations in the past.
We have also clarified our service descriptions to ensure there is mutual understanding between our teams and our clients. We are also committed to addressing service gaps within 48 hours of the scheduled service appointment/the complaint received, whichever comes first.
In addition, we have finally-- finally!-- begun to take charge of our online presence. Recognizing that the times have changed, Brite Maid Services has undertaken an assessment of our customer service strengths and weaknesses. We have learned that we will be able to serve our clients better if we have a stronger, more interactive online presence.
Our brand new, secure website can be seen at, which is also the best place to find our currently available promotions.

What Remains the Same.

All Brite Maid Services' staff go through a basic background check and undergo a 2 month intensive training process. Staff also undergo ongoing training and periodic review. We are proud of our low turnover rate, and are even more proud of our staff, who have grown and developed their skill-sets with us.
All Brite Maid Services' staff are fully trained to provide industry standard cleaning services in your property. While our team members might not always be fully bilingual, rest assured that your cleaning service needs and specifications are properly documented in our service files and confirmed via email. This allows every staff member to serve you appropriately.

Bottom Line #tldr

There was a time when reviews, good or bad, went unheeded. Back then we believed that our work would speak loudest when it spoke for itself. While we still want our work to serve as our best reference, we now want to get to know our clients better in order to meet your needs better.
Have questions or comments about the service? Please do not hesitate to call the office at 703-385-0626. Our customer service staff or our field supervisors will respond asap.

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