5 Star Membership program from Brite Maid Services



Brite Maid Services offers the best cleaning services at affordable rates for all. While our new customers get a taste of our Residential General Sanitization cleaning with a sweet discount of 39%, we try to offer the same value in the following cleaning too. But what when you like the work of our cleaning staff and would like to make our services a more routine affair? We've got you covered, because for our loyal customers we've rolled out the '5 Star Membership Program' with which we try to keep our prices as low as possible while keeping our standard as high as in our first service.  

Our Special Discounts for our 5 Star Members:


Sign up for our Residential General Sanitisation Cleaning Package and get -


Cleaning for once every 2 months or above - 25% off
For Monthly Cleaning - 28% off
For Tri-weekly (every 3 weeks) - 33% off
For Biweekly (every 2 weeks) - 37%

For Weekly - 39%!


Yup, under our 5 Star Membership Program, members who sign up to get their home cleaned once every week continue to save big with our crazy 39% discount!
Terms & Conditions
  • Price is locked in & will not increase for the next 2 years. At the end of every 2 years, the price will increase by 6% automatically.
Cancellation Policy:
  • All services are scheduled based on set dates agreed upon by BMS & Client prior to confirmation of 5 Star Membership program. The client may cancel at any time, as this is not a contract; only an agreement between client & BMS.
  • A same day cancellation fee may be charged for services that are cancelled within 24 hours of agreed upon appointment services. Eligibility to waive the fee is available, if same day cancelled appointment is rescheduled within 3 business days (SATURDAY included as a business day).
  • The program is transferable to your next property and/ or to the new tenant residing in the same property. Fees will not change, unless there are new agreements/ requests outside of the parameters of service initially agreed upon. Our membership program is a mutual agreement of service between client and BMS.
  • A credit card is required to be on file. Upon agreeing to a set scheduling cycle, a credit card form will be sent to you via DOCUSIGN. When returned, the first fee is charged to reserve your initial 5 Star Membership program cleaning. The following payments will only be charged on the day of agreed services upon completion.

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