For over three decades now, Brite Maid Services has served as a cleaning service staple in the Washington DC-Metropolitan Area. A small business that synergizes a mom-and-pops’ store attention to detail, with corporate standards and protocols, BMS currently serves a diverse and growing roster of clients within a 30 mile radius of Alexandria, VA.

Founded in 1979, Brite Maid Services expanded throughout the 80s and 90s through word of mouth referrals alone. Continuing today as a minority-owned, woman-owned small business, Brite Maid Services has continuously evolved over the years, growing with you, our clients, and adapting to your changing needs.

In the early 2010s, BMS began working with online deal voucher sites, with the goal of expanding services to new clients and learning more about changing trends in the local demand for cleaning services. Serving as a merchant on these sites pushed Brite Maid Services up a steep learning curve, and over the past six years, building upon our customers’ valuable feedback, our team has worked to standardize service packages, as well as provide individualized cleaning packages to both new as well as long-established regular clients.

In response to the surge in demand for our services, we have expanded our routes, restructured our sales channels, built and developed new teams in keeping with BMS best practices, and have worked hard above all else to prove to our one-time deal voucher clients that we are worthy of their direct, repeat business.

All Brite Maid Services' staff go through a basic background check and undergo a 2 month training process. We are proud of our low turnover rate, and are even more proud of our staff, who have grown and developed their skill-sets with us. All Brite Maid Services' staff are fully trained to provide industry standard residential and commercial cleaning services in your property. While our team members might not always be fully bilingual, rest assured that your cleaning service needs and specifications are properly documented in our service files for your home at the time the appointment is confirmed via email. We always strive to meet and ultimately exceed your cleaning service needs and specifications to the fullest extent of our team’s capabilities, and within the parameters of the service agreement. Have questions or comments about the service? Please do not hesitate to call the office, where our customer service staff or our field supervisors will make responding to you their priority.

Moving forward, Brite Maid Services will continually strive to best realize our motto, where our work, more than any advertising campaign or online review, is our best reference.