Brite Maid Services has been providing contracted commercial cleaning services since the 1980s. We are also well-versed in providing post-construction cleaning for apartments and single family homes.  We are proud to be able to continue offering both services to our customers moving forward. Brite Maid Services believes in proper documentation, as well as following all requested and required processes and procedures for commercial cleaning as well as post-construction cleaning. We deliver on budget, every time, and maintain appropriate written and verbal communication at all times. We are fully licensed and insured. Free estimates are available: please contact us today to begin the process of receiving a customized & comprehensive proposal.

We service all areas within a 30 mile radius of Alexandria, VA.

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Our Residential General Sanitization is available for all bedrooms, bathrooms, and common areas as standard service:

  • Wipe down all exposed window sills on inside (window cleaning on the inside is an extra charge: $5 per window).
  • Sliding glass door to be wiped down on inside
  • Collect/remove any trash in waste bins (Extra charges will apply to remove more than 2 standard 45 gallon bags of trash from the property)
  • Remove any and all exposed cobwebs
  • Refrigerators to be wiped down on the exterior (Interior of Refrigerator will incur an additional charge)
  • Clean and wipe down Microwave interior and exterior (Grease removal from microwave vent is not included)
  • Wipe down the exterior front of the Dishwasher
  • All ceiling fans and their wings are wiped down, as long as they are no more than 8 feet off the ground
  • Clean the stove top/wipe down the exterior of the oven (Interior of Oven will incur an additional charge)
  • Vacuum all exposed carpeted areas, and area rugs (low and medium pile)
  • Sweep and mop all floors
  • Dust down and wipe all furniture
  • Clean all bathrooms: inside and out of all toilets, tubs, sinks and sink tops, mirrors will be wiped down from top to bottom (shower curtain not included)
  • All floors in the bathrooms cleaned and dried by hand
  • Exposed baseboards, exposed middle trim, and exposed window sills to be dusted down.
  • Wipe down fixtures in kitchen and bathroom
  • Move all countertop items and wipe down appropriately in bathroom and kitchen
  • Any dishes left in the sink will be rinsed and placed on the countertop on top of a paper towel.
  • Minor organization of room(s) which includes: magazines, throw(s), remotes, table tops, shoes, toys, clothes.
  • If bed sheets are left out on beds, the bed linens are changed and prepared, if not the staff will only make the bed; if it has not been made already.
  • If towels are left out next to the bed sheets, then the towels in the bathrooms are replaced.
  • All lines/ towels (after being replaced) are then place in the laundry room

Updated staff processes due to COVID-19

A thoroughly detailed cleaning and disinfecting of the property’s high traffic and high-frequency touch areas that meets the CDC-recommended home cleaning protocols advised during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic emergency, including:

  • Entryway & property doorknobs, handles, locks
  • General Appliance handles and keypads in common areas & bedrooms
  • Restroom faucets, dispensers, countertops, handles, tubs, toilet seats, floors
  • Phones, keyboards, mouse devices, remote / gaming controls & high frequency touched areas
  • Wall Light switches
  • Kitchen handles, door knobs, keypads, wall light switches, general countertops
  • Handrails
  • Cabinet knobs
  • Trash cans covers/ tops/ handles
  • Dinner table(s)/ desk(s)/ table top(s)/ countertop(s)
  • Lite mist of Sanitization solvent on common area couches/ sofas/ high frequency touched chairs in common areas only

The additional work averages additionally 1.5 hours of labor outside of the General cleaning process.



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